Do Sleeping Pills work?

How can sedatives be so highly recommended when they fail to improve your quality of sleep, as you still wake up during the night?

There is something else disrupting your sleep that these drugs do not address. These drugs can’t stop you from waking up during the night, as they do not prevent the causes of you waking up. These drugs do not improve your sleep quality as they do not remove the sleep quality problem that these people suffer from. Sedatives decrease your sleep quality as they speed up your brainwaves.

If sedatives do not improve the quality of sleep, how do they make you “sleep” more?

The pills increase clock hours but not the quality of sleep hours. Sedative can affect your memory, so can also affect what you remember during the night, such as how many times you wake up. Sleeping pills and other psychiatric drugs speed up your brain waves which prevent you from going into a deep sleep and more restorative sleep stages.

If sleeping pills give you more sleep with lighter quality, are you really getting more sleep or less sleep?

Golden slumber is a deeper sleep, with benefits that are more valuable than a lesser quality of sleep. 

Sharon Izak Elaine