Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tennis Balls: It is difficult for some people to stay off their backs, when sleeping. A solution to this could be to sew a sock with a tennis ball inside to your pyjamas, on your back. This method does not word that well as it just irritates the snorer.
  • Sleep position devices: These devices help you to stay off your back when sleeping; this ranges from triangular wedges to shirts filled with foam rods to prevent sleeping on your back. It can make a huge difference for some people, but many have no response to his as well.
  • Side sleep position pillows:This pillow positions your arm above your head and forces you to sleep on your side.
  • Contour pillows:This is a good one to use if you can sleep on your back. The pillow forces your head back a bit helping to lift your chin, and opening up the airway. A different option is to roll up a towel into a “log” or get one of the Asian husk-filled pillows that are shaped like a roll.
  • Diet and weight loss: As poor sleep leads to weight gain, it can make it difficult to lose weight with exercise and diet.
  • Nasal dilator clips: They work by pulling your soft nostrils apart, preventing nostril collapse when you inhale. This method is not that effective.
  • Wind instruments:When playing an instrument like a flute it can help to tone the muscles in your throat and tongue.
  • Singing: The act of singing promotes throat muscle tone and control, almost like playing a wind instrument.
  • Tongue exercises: This can be helpful to some people but needs to be an ongoing exercise, as it has some benefit.
  • Throat spays: The natural herbs and ingredients can help with snoring, but studies show that it is not that helpful.
  • Acupuncture:This helps with stress and fatigue, but there is not enough evidence to show that it really helps that much.
  • Electronic devices that wake you up when you snore: These devices can be quite expensive.
  • Ear plugs for the bed partner: Where it may benefit the partner, it does not really help the snorer.
  • Sleeping in another room: Although this alleviates the problem, it is not healthy for any relationship, and the sound of the snoring travels too, so not the best option to use.
Sharon Izak Elaine Chat staff