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October 2018
Various anti-ageing injectable therapies and uses!
Did you know anti-ageing injectable therapies don’t only treat fine lines and wrinkles? Complete our Survey to find out more!
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Past Survey Results

  • SurveyResultsSept2018
    September 2018

    Do you follow a skin care regime?

    Do you have a skin care routine, and what does it consist of? Share your daily practices and get your best skin yet! Read More
  • generic-survey-sleep-renewal
    March 2018

    Natural Pain Relief Survey

    Have you heard of Biopuncture, and do you know all the amazing benefits this natural injection therapy has on various diseases?
  • Feb2018-Survey-Results-Tab-Age
    February 2018

    Ageing Survey

    Share with us – what is your view on ageing and methods of putting on the brakes to prevent an aged appearance? Read more
  • February18-Survey-Results-WeightLoss
    January 2018

    Weight Loss Survey

    Weight Loss Survey – let us help you shed those extra kilos! Read more
  • Survey-results-Jan-2018
    November 2017

    Summer Survey

    Are you Sun Savvy and ready for Summer? Read more
  • November-HealthyHabits_Results
    October 2017

    Healthy Habits Survey

    Are you following healthy habits? Read more
  • girls
    September 2017

    Body Shaping Survey

    Do you know about all our body shaping options? Read more
  • September-Loyalty-Survey-results
    August 2017

    Injectables Survey

    How much do you know about injectables treatments? Read more
  • Aug2017-1
    July 2017

    Protect your Immune System this Winter!

    How do you protect your immune system during winter? Read more
  • Male-skin-care-survey
    June 2017

    Male Skincare

    How much do you know about skin treatments and solutions? Read more
  • time-to-detox1
    May 2017

    Detox Survey

    Detox your body to remove unhealthy toxins & improve your metabolism! Read more
  • Sleep_Survey
    November 2015

    Sleep Survey

    Fatigue? Daytime sleepiness? Headaches? Aches and pains? You might be suffering from a sleep disorder. Read More
  • nov_survey
    November 2015

    Brain Survey

    Stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and memory loss? Are the effects of a stressful year catching up to you?
  • Sleep_Survey_pic
    September 2014

    Sleep Apnea Survey

    Sleep is essential for energy, health, productivity, and emotional balance. And most people don’t get nearly enough! View Sleep Apnea Survey results here
  • June_Survey_pic
    June 2014

    Loyalty Programme Survey

    The Radiant Loyalty Programme is our way of thanking all of our clients. It expresses our appreciation and we need your feedback! Find out more here