Dr Pitsi Kewana MBChB (UCT)


Dr Pitsi Kewana is a General Practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic medicine and weight-loss management, and she has had a career journey as wide and varied as her interests. Besides being a doctor, she is also a qualified fashion designer.

She started out at UCT, where she studied medicine & graduated in 2010 with distinction in Clinical Skills. During her time at UCT, she also occupied various leadership positions, including Deputy Head Student of her residence and president of AEISEC.

On completion of her studies, she went on to do her medical internship at Polokwane Provincial Hospital and followed that on with her Community Service year in the Obstetrics & Gynecology Department at Sebokeng hospital. She continued to excel in leadership being a member of the Intern Committee at Polokwane Hospital, as well being awarded the post of Internship Coordinator, and then later Community Service Coordinator, of the Junior Doctors Association of South of Africa.

Her time in public health made it clear to her that the biggest drivers of illness were not just the diseases themselves, but rather the greater social ills of lack of employment, education, housing and sanitation, which ultimately all led to rampant disease. She then sought to change track and worked as Regional Scientific Services Provider at Allergan Pharmaceuticals.

It was during her time there that the need to create jobs became heavily impressed on her, as well as a growing desire to follow her passion for fashion design. She came to the realization that with South Africa's high burden of low & semi-skilled labour, being a designer would afford her greater opportunity to create jobs than her current position. She subsequently left Allergan in 2015 to pursue a BA in Fashion Design at LISOF, the leading fashion education institution in South Africa.

Being a self-starter and always looking for ways to push personal boundaries, she started a Medical Aesthetics practice which she ran until the end of her second year of studies. She also continued to do locum medical work at a private GP’s and through ER Consulting in Emergency Rooms as a casualty doctor. On the creative side, she won two awards for her work whilst at LISOF.

Throughout her career journey, she has been looking for a balance between her love for fashion and her skills in medicine. Aesthetics gives her the perfect balance as it allows her to focus her life on making people look and feel their best selves - both inside and out. Dr Kewana believes that looking and feeling your best starts from the tiniest cells in your body before it culminates in exquisite outward style - inner health and wellness is the best foundation for becoming your best self. She is experienced in anti-ageing procedures, as well as weight-loss management.

Dr Kewana is based in Gauteng and consults from the Brooklyn, Morningside, Fourways and Illovo branches.