Dr Maricia Duvenage MBChB


Dr Maricia Duvenage completed her MBChB degree at MEDUNSA and her two-year internship in Bloemfontein. It was during this time where she developed a strong interest in aesthetic medicine. She then decided to complete an introductory course in Botox and Dermal Fillers and fell deeply in love with this dynamic field.

She moved to Kimberley in December 2015 and completed her community service in 2016 at the Kimberley Hospital Complex. She is a dedicated health enthusiast and takes pride especially in a healthy lifestyle as well as helping others to achieve the same.

She struggled with many health issues, during 2016, and could not find a single medical specialist who was able to explain what was wrong with her and how to treat it. She had to figure it out herself. It was through this journey where she came across many other women who dealt with the exact same problem and no one to help them. This made her realize that there has to be another way. There has to be a solution or place to look deeper into someone’s health and to solve imbalances that may occur.

The Renewal Institute’s scope of practice is absolutely everything she is passionate about, everything her lifestyle involves and everything she lives to achieve every single day in her own life. Her goal is to dig deeper into wellness and health and to help people achieve balance and health. She wants a patient to feel good about him or herself and to feel healthy and beautiful.

She is very excited about the promising future filled with opportunities to grow as a health ambassador and person with The Renewal Institute. She is consulting at the Brooklyn, Irene, Fourways and West Rand branches.