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Special Events at Oasis Spas

Are you planning a bridal shower, a stork tea, or a special birthday pamper party? Why not make an Oasis Spa in either Cape Town, Johannesburg or KZN your destination for this memorable event.

Our experienced coordinating staff will assist you with organizing an exquisite event, tailored to your specific needs with highly trained and accommodating therapists and staff to make it a day to remember for all your guests. Our Spa treatments use the rituals and products from Africology, which can be considered the leading natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare company in South Africa, with its success spanning across international borders such as the USA, Europe and Britain.

On the 12th of March 2015, Oasis Spa at our Cape Quarter clinic hosted a bridal shower for Skin Renewal's founding Doctor, Dr Maureen Allem's daughter-in-law. The event was a full day affair, where we accommodated 40 guests for various spa treatments including a choice of Manicure, Pedicure, Massage, Facial, Body Exfoliation, or even a Spray Tan! Whilst some guests where having treatments, the rest were enjoying our steamroom facilities and available drinks, candy table and tea/coffee station treats. Packed with many happy moments and special memories for all who attended the special pamper day, we are proud to say not a stone as left un-turned to accommodate the client's every wish and ensure her pamper party was a day she will never forget.

Cape Quarter Team

The Candy station with treats to delight and take home as a gift; The Cape Quarter therapist team who spoiled the guests; The Drinks station with many options for all ages!

Special event for our guests

Our guests having breakfast on the patio in their fluffy white robes and slippers; Africology welcome gifts; A beautiful Cape Town day to celebrate outside in the fresh air!

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast snacks were prepared fresh on the premises with catering needs being considered and arranged according to client requests.

Oasis Spa area

A lovely big group of ladies that celebrated with our guest whilst on their lunch break.