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Medical Aesthetics Game Changer : A Solutions Based Approach

16 August 2018


The Renewal Institute was among the first aesthetic practices to open its doors in South Africa, and after successfully treating over two hundred thousand patients since 2005, we regard our knowledge and insights into the industry as a highly valuable asset.

Understanding Patients

One of the most significant insights we’ve acquired is a comprehensive understanding of our patient’s skin, body and health conditions.

I recently spent a considerable amount of time with my team investigating and categorising these conditions, ranging from mild to severe.

With the feedback from the doctors, therapists and patients, we’ve selected the combination of treatments providing the best results for different skin and body conditions, and developed these combinations into SOLUTIONS.


Traditionally, as new technologies enter the market place, they are marketed as an entirely new solution, superseding everything that came before. Often establishments only refer to their latest technologies to address every possible condition, however, this may not necessarily offer patients the most effective solution.

The Renewal Institute always has and continues to invest in relevant technologies and advances and we carefully re-evaluated all the technologies we’ve acquired over the years.

There is a deep understanding that our wide range of state of the art equipment is advantageous, allowing very targeted skin and body treatments, without the focus only being on the latest technology, but rather on the full spectrum.

Combination Treatments

Experience has further shown us that combination treatments are far more effective in addressing skin and body related issues as apposed to stand alone treatments.

Combination treatments are so effective, because the same problem is tackled from different angles. Simply put, a laser treatment and a peel would have different functionalities treating acne for example, but when used in combination, they complement each other and address the issue much faster yielding much better results.

Treatment Solutions

Following the assessment of all our patient conditions and carefully taking inventory of all the technologies at our disposal, packages were combined that best address each condition.

The order, duration, intensity and effect of each treatment were carefully packaged into solutions, with some of the solutions including up to seven treatments.

The solutions have been created to accommodate a range of budgets to ensure that all conditions can be treated over a period of time.

Having access to such a large range of technologies puts us in a great position. It enables us to offer our clients solutions that combine these technologies in a very considered manner.

As each patient’s needs are unique, no treatment plan will commence before a thorough doctor’s consult, where concerns and best outcomes are discussed. Our team of doctors now have over 130 solutions available to accurately address each patient’s condition effectively.

Yours in great skin,

Dr Maureen Allem

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