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Media Event 2015: PDO Threads

Skin Renewal introduces the latest non-surgical treatment for lifting, firming and tightening treatments: PDO Threads.

Skin Renewal is very excited about our latest treatment offering - the PDO Threadlift, which has recently become available in South Africa. Threading has become the most talked about and exciting treatment available in the anti-ageing industry – and we welcomed the opportunity to show the media what it is all about!

We are passionate about education and sharing our knowledge with the general public - we do this to assist consumers in making informed decisions about medical aesthetics treatments so they know what the various options are for improving skin, body or general health concerns. Knowledge is power, and we encourage our patients to ask questions!

We hosted two media events (Johannesburg, Fourways clinic and Cape Town, CapeQuarter clinic) where guests were shown an informative presentation with the history, technique, uses and before & after images of the various uses of thread treatments. The presentation was followed by a live demonstration to show just how quick this procedure is and for the media to get a clear understanding of the actual threads, the technique involved and the obtainable results.

Dr Maureen Allem attended the 13th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco in March and brought this knowledge on threads back to offer our patients the latest in cutting edge technology and phenomenal treatment results. She shared much of this knowledge with the media and through lots of interaction, questions, photos and videos we are sure this information will become available to the general public with their reviews in the near future.

What is the PDO Threadlift?

The PDO Threadlitft is a non-surgical, no-scar treatment that can be used in various areas of the face and body to offer different treatment objectives. It has been a hot favorite in Europe and the East for a few years and is now available via Skin Renewal in South Africa.

During the procedure, which only medical doctors are qualified to perform, multi-strand threads are injected deep underneath the surface of the skin, using different lengths of thin acupuncture needles. The strategic placement, type and length of the tread will influence the effect obtained. Threads can achieve a lifting effect; a firming and tightening effect; or can be used to improve scars, cellulite, stretch marks and thin aging skin.

The thread placement are guided by the natural tension lines of the skin. Once placed, they act as a scaffold, lifting loose and sagging skin. The procedure also stimulates the production of collagen, and further creates a frame for the collagen to attach to, showing effects similar to that of a surgical face lift, without the downtime and potential risks.

Brow and Nasolabial LIFTING:

Brow and Nasolabial LIFTING:

Jowl LIFTING and Eye Firming; Labiomental fold LIFTING & Eye FIRMING:

Jowl LIFTING and Eye Firming;

Jowls & Neck LIFTING:

Jowls & Neck LIFTING:

The treatment:

The procedure is relatively pain free, but to minimize any discomfort, a topical anesthetic is massaged into the area or dental block injected for certain patients. Insertion points are then drawn over the treatment area, after which the doctor implants the threading wires into the correct position - again different type & length of threads for different concerns. Depending on the treatment area, the treatment takes between 15 to 45 minutes, with no downtime afterwards (although mild swelling and bruising can occur, which will subside an a few days).

Our model, as shown below, had 4x barbed 60mm threads inserted for cheek lifting (2 per side) and 26x 30mm normal threads for firming and tightening of the cheeks (13 per side). The amount of threads needed is determined by the patient's budget, treatment area and objective. With the "Pay-as-you-Go" procedures we target one problem are per treatment, and do that properly for optimal long lasting results.

PDO Threatlift

Facial indications for LIFTING:

  • Brow lift forehead / upper hairline
  • Nasolabial lift / supra auricular
  • Jowl lift / pre auricular
  • Neck lift / submandibular

Facial indications for FIRMING AND TIGHTENING:

  • Upper cheeks & malar area
  • Jowl area & lower cheeks
  • Upper neck
  • Lower neck
  • Central neck
  • Other areas: eyes, glabella, décolleté etc.

Facial Indications for FAT REDUCTION and TIGHTENING:

  • Double chin
  • Fatty cheeks
  • Fatty jowls
  • Fatty neck
  • Eye bags

Body Indications:

  • Lipolysis Effect
  • Cellulite improves
  • Soft tissue injuries imprive due to increased circulation to the area treatment with PDO threads (i.e. acne scarring, stretchmarks, post operative dimpling)

Body indications for FIRMING and TIGHTENING:

  • Upper Arms: Crepey inner arms; Batwing arms

Upper Arms

    Legs & Buttock
  • Buttock Lift
  • Inner thigh fat reduction
  • Inner thigh firming
  • Canckle
  • Concertina Knees

Legs and Buttock

If you would like to find out more about the PDO Threadlift available at Skin Renewal, please visit the specific page on BodyLift and contact your closest clinic for more information on these amazing treatments and how they can assist you.